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The Advantages of AYURVEDA

AYURVEDA, or the science of life , is more than a system of medical treatment. AYURVEDA also maintains heath by proper use of dietetics, physical exercise, positive, unselfish thought, fresh air, heat and sunlight.

It has been unreservedly admitted by all unbiased Eastern and western research scholars that AYURVEDA in all its aspects, including its copious materia medica, has been fountain source or mother of all other medical system of the world.

Dr. Geo E. Clarke, M.A.,M.D., Philadelphia , writes:

“I would rather trust ancient Hindu practice than the allopathic practice of what we are wont to learn in this enlightened age. If the physicians of the present day would drop from the pharmacopoeia, all the modern drugs and chemicals, and treat their patients according to the method of “CHARAK”, there would be less work for undertakers and few chronic invalids in the world.”

The human body contains some chemical elements, which are to be found in the human body. The trace elements are distributed throughout the tissues of the body in very small amounts and are essential for the nutrition of the body.

Nine such elements are now recognized by the scientists; Cobalt, Copper, Fluorine, Iodine, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium and Zinc.

No wonder AYURVEDA has always taken recourse to calxes of precious and other metals for dealing with certain deficiency diseases. Calxes of Gold, silver, copper and iron are widely used.

All these, herbo-mineral medicaments are “GEM”, amongst AYURVEDA,
and each medicine has its precise pathological complex of symptoms, for which, it has been used exclusively.

The ancient AYURVEDA scientists have developed an artistic method for their application and to get relief from the diseases and to achieve PROSPARITY, INTELECT, BRAVERY and LONGEVITY.

It is in the sphere of “RASAYANA”( MEDICINES) and various “BHASMA” (CALXES), that AYURVEDA has proved its superiority, maintenance of bodily and mental vigor, the main objective of the “RASAYANA”, is possible only through recourse of AYURVEDA.

Most of vast knowledge from AYURVEDIC pharmacopoeia, has yet remained unexplored. Similarly deeper insights Ayurvedic pharmaceutics, may reveal exiting opportunities. Use of metals feared so far, in fact has Possibilities to provide potent medicine of future.