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Our Achievement

Triumph honour in form of Medals

GOLD MEDAL for quality control by H.E. Mr. A.N. Benarji, the Governor of Karnatak, presented to Mr.Vaidya Maheshbhai Shah, at Banglore, in 1986,from Institute of self defense and character, New Delhi.

DIAMOND MEDAL for attractive packing by H.E. Miss. Kumudben
Joshi, presented to Mr. Vaidya Jashwantbhai Shah, at Hydrabad, in
1987, from Institute of self defense and character, New Delhi.

UDYOGA PRIYA-DARSHINI AWARD FOR, successful 100 years and Supreme quality industry , by Hon. K.V. Thangakabalu, Union Minister for state welfare, in 1995, from All India Economic Development Conference.

UNJHA PHARMACY has started a 20 bed charitable hospital and offered financial support to run the hospital for 17 years, then Gov. of Gujarat, took over the management and still this hospital is running under the name, fame and memory of Lt. Rasavaidya shree Nagindasji